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Eco Rock are helping consumers make a shift in their everyday lives.

Our Story

Hi, we’re Ollie and Emma, 

Welcome to our website and the story behind the creation of Eco Rock.

The old days:

I remember a time when I (Ollie) just didn’t understand the damage living a non sustainable life was doing to our awesome planet. 

I remember being so angry when the local council delivered our recycling bin for cans and glass, and the recycling black boxes for paper and cardboard. I literally said the words, “our kids won’t ever know what living in a house without 4 bins will ever be like!”. I meant it in an angry way, as in, it’s so annoying having to work out what piece of rubbish to put where! I was blind to the situation and what the government and council were trying to achieve. 

The new days:

Fast forward 10 years and my eyes are wide open to the impact we all have on our wonderful world. I can see how the small differences we make can bring about a big change in the way we all live our lives. 

I can also see how difficult overcoming the abundance of non sustainable products baked into our everyday lives is going to be. For example, you can’t buy a cucumber in Sainsbury's or Tesco’s that isn’t wrapped in plastic. 

It’s the combination of a better understanding of the damage we are doing to the world, wanting to make a positive environmental impact and the dream of starting my own Eco-Friendly business, that was the catalyst behind the creation of Eco Rock. 

We have a few things we want to achieve with Eco Rock.

We want to help make products that are within everyone's reach. This means keeping our pricing as low as possible and making purchasing these products as easy as possible online and in your local eco-friendly shop. 

We want the products we make to be sustainable. This means that the product and the packing will either be biodegradable or recyclable. This means, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and transportation of our products. This is achieved by donating 10% of any profit we make to www.thewoodlandtrust.org.uk

We want our products we make to be ethically sourced. This means checking that the manufacturers we work with ensure their teams are well looked after.

We want our products to deliver what is expected of them with no fuss. This means what we sell you is what you get. So when you buy a Eco-Friendly Coconut Biodegradable Scourer from us, you will get exactly that, scourers that will do a great job cleaning your dishes that are made from coconuts and will biodegrade. The packaging for the scourers is made from recyclable Kraft paper and the postage envelopes and sellotape used to package this all up is also recyclable and biodegradable. 

I still get so annoyed when I buy a product that is “eco friendly”, and then it arrives in a thick plastic bag. That happens again and again and it drives me crazy. Rest assured, with Eco Rock, if it isn’t biodegradable, it’s 100% recyclable. 🙂 

Thank you again for coming to our site and reading our story and our mission. 

Please have a read about how our first product, the Eco Rock scourers, are produced in a carbon neutral fashion and please reach out if you have any questions for us. 

Ollie and Emma

Ethically Sourced

The Eco Rock Biodegradable Coconut Kitchen Scourers are manufactured in India and produced by a company that really looks after its team.

Made from Coconuts

As the scourers are made from coconut fibres and natural rubber latex, there are no environmentally harmful additions in them.


They can get into all the nooks and crannies and I often use them to pick tough bits out of my potato masher.

Non Scratch

They can be used for cleaning your pots and pans but also for getting tough food stains off your oven without leaving a mark.

Sustainable Living 

Sometimes it’s hard to be sustainable, there are minute-by-minute reports telling us about the impact of using plastic products, but many of the cleaning products we use at home on a daily basis, are made from or have plastic in them.

This is where Eco Rock is trying to help. We’re going to make being sustainable a little easier for you.


1. A product that does what you need it to.

2. A product that doesn’t have plastic in it, is biodegradable and has packaging that is fully recyclable

3. A warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have now made a choice today that will enable you to do what you need to do but in a way that has a lower impact on the beautiful world we live in.

sustainable products

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are also saying about the products. 

Cleaned my whole BBQ with one and it's still going strong!

Just cleaned the BBQ with one of these today! It did a great job, outlasting several sponges. Good to see a product that performs as well as being an environmental choice. Great stuff!

Perfect substitute for the eco concience

After trying a few brands I came across Eco Rock, this is my 2nd time ordering. I use them to clean my dishes, pans and BBQ grates. They are durable, fantastic and easy to wash an reuse.

Perfect alternative, will buy again

Absolutely perfect environmentally conscious alternative to standard scourers. Does the job, so why would you use anything else. Will definitely buy again.

sustainable products

Sustainability Made Easy is our goal. This means we are looking for brilliant, sustainable and eco-friendly products at a price everyone can afford.​ We are living in a time where we are very aware of our impact on the world and that we need to make some changes quickly.

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