About EcoRock

Live more sustainably – 10% of our profits go towards offsetting the carbon footprint created by the manufacturing and transport of our products.

Sustainability Made Easy is our goal. This means we are looking for brilliant, sustainable and eco-friendly products at a price everyone can afford.

We are living in a time where we are very aware of our impact on the world and that we need to make some changes quickly.

Eco Rock is designed to make it easier for you to reduce your impact on our beautiful planet by offering convenient, high quality, competitively priced and sustainable household products to replace your everyday plastic heavy products.

Ethically Sourced

The Eco Rock Biodegradable Coconut Kitchen Scourers are manufactured in India and produced by a company that really looks after its team.

Made from Coconuts

As the scourers are made from coconut fibres and natural rubber latex, there are no environmentally harmful additions in them.


They can get into all the nooks and crannies and I often use them to pick tough bits out of my potato masher.

Non Scratch

They can be used for cleaning your pots and pans but also for getting tough food stains off your oven without leaving a mark.