The Coimbatore district in India is the heartland of coconut cultivation and the birthplace of the coconuts used in the creation of the Eco Rock scourer.

Kerala and Pollachi have multiple coconut farms and both are very close to the manufactures location. They do not source the full coconuts but the curled husks. 

The life cycle is as below,

Coconut husks from the farms will be shredded at factories to get the coconut coir fibre. These fibres are then curled and drawn into 2 ply ropes and kept under tension for 3 months. In Fact the raw material is these ropes.

They then un-curl the ropes, spread them on a bed and spray stabilised natural rubber latex over them. They are then heated, compressed, then cut in shape, reinforced with stitches and packed into 100% recyclable Eco Rock packaging.

The entire process happens in a radius of 100 kms maximum. The carbon footprint of this product is in fact negative (All the carbon that shall be generated during the process and transportation to the end customer is more than compensated by the carbon absorbed by the trees during their life).

The completed packs of scourers are then shipped from India to Hythe in the UK, where Eco Rock shouts and promotes these amazing little scourers and encourages people to make the change to biodegradable scourers. 

There you have it, a beautiful, efficient, zero waste product that can easily replace a plastic filled daily essential.

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Ethically Sourced

The Eco Rock Biodegradable Coconut Kitchen Scourers are manufactured in India and produced by a company that really looks after its team.

Made from Coconuts

As the scourers are made from coconut fibres and natural rubber latex, there are no environmentally harmful additions in them.


They can get into all the nooks and crannies and I often use them to pick tough bits out of my potato masher.

Non Scratch

They can be used for cleaning your pots and pans but also for getting tough food stains off your oven without leaving a mark.

Live more sustainably – 10% of our profits go towards offsetting the carbon footprint created by the manufacturing and transport of our products.

sustainable products

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers are also saying about the products. 

Cleaned my whole BBQ with one and it's still going strong!

Just cleaned the BBQ with one of these today! It did a great job, outlasting several sponges. Good to see a product that performs as well as being an environmental choice. Great stuff!

Perfect substitute for the eco concience

After trying a few brands I came across Eco Rock, this is my 2nd time ordering. I use them to clean my dishes, pans and BBQ grates. They are durable, fantastic and easy to wash an reuse.

Perfect alternative, will buy again

Absolutely perfect environmentally conscious alternative to standard scourers. Does the job, so why would you use anything else. Will definitely buy again.

sustainable products

Sustainability Made Easy is our goal. This means we are looking for brilliant, sustainable and eco-friendly products at a price everyone can afford.​ We are living in a time where we are very aware of our impact on the world and that we need to make some changes quickly.

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